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Chemical Fogging Equipment

For twenty-five years, Industrial Chemical Foggers has been the proud distributor of dyna-fog ULV and thermal foggers, parts and accessories. From hand-held models to truck-mounted units, our extensive chemical fogging equipment addresses the needs of small and large users alike. Our service department and staff is continually committed to assisting our customers in maximizing the longevity of our highly durable products. In addition, Industrial Chemical Foggers is a source for mosquito insecticides and fogging oil, as well as flushing solution and fuel stabilizer used to maintain your fogger.

Proud Industrial Fogger Distributor

Industrial Chemical Foggers carries a wide variety of industrial foggers from multiple manufacturers. This allows ICC to carry the right fogger for you, no matter what your application requires. Our range includes the commercial mosquito fogger, designed specifically for controlling mosquito populations in vast areas. The pest control fogger ensures deep penetration in hard-to-reach spaces, effectively eliminating pests. Each commercial fogger machine in our lineup is engineered for durability, reliability, and ease of use. Choosing our equipment means opting for industry-leading solutions tailored to meet your sanitation and pest control needs efficiently.

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