Industrial Chemical Cleaner's foggers can be used across a wide range of industries including greenhouse, agricultural, urban, stored product, and for vector control. If you have questions about whether or not your application could be served by one of our foggers, please contact us and we will help find the right industrial fogger to solve your commercial mosquito control problem.


All Dyna-Fog units utilize the advantages of small droplet technology to the farmer and the farming industry, allowing the best results to be attained from a number of chemical formulations. Read more about Agricultural Applications


There are a number of specialized situations where small droplet technology has many advantages. This allows the best possible results to be achieved in areas often regarded as difficult to treat; in addition, it presents the ability to be applied for several unusual application uses. Read more about Urban Applications


Applications of disinfectants, fungicides and insecticides with Dyna-Fog® ULV and other fogging equipment results in the chemical being dispersed thoroughly and quickly, resulting in a high standard of control. Read more about Greenhouse Applications


Aerosol droplets that are produced by Dyna-Fog® units have a wide range of uses and applications on foodstuffs as well as other products such as tobacco and leather in storage. The thermal fogs create small droplets that will carry into virtually the entire airspace in a building. Read more about Stored-Product Applications


The control of vectors, diseases and nuisance insects such as black flies, mosquitoes, sand flies and houseflies is a significant element of any public health program. A wide variety of equipment is available that is suitable for Adulticiding (controlling the flying adults) conditions. Read more about Vector Controls Applications