There Are A Number Of Specialized Situations Where Small Droplet Technology Has Many Advantages. This Allows The Best Possible Results To Be Achieved In Areas Often Regarded As Difficult To Treat; In Addition, It Presents The Ability To Be Applied For Several Unusual Application Uses.

  • In Enclosed Spaces Such As Those Found In Public Places, Offices And Homes, Flying Insects Can Be Controlled With The ULV (Cold Fog) Or Thermal Fog. While The Treatment Must Be Performed With The Structure Closed To Public Access, This Is Still A More Economical Choice Compared To Off-The-Shelf Aerosols.
  • The Treatment Of Ducts In Buildings Can Be Effectively Achieved Using ULV Machines Fitted With A Flex Hose Like Is Found On The Cyclone™ And Twister™ XL Ultra-Flex Models. These Units Can Efficiently Apply Pyrethrum Insecticides, Smoke Deodorizers And Duct Sealants.
  • ULV Machines Are Perfect For Spraying Natural Pyrethrum When They Are Being Used As A Flushing Agent (For Insects Such As Cockroaches). Not Only Is The Treatment More Economical Than Off-The-Shelf Aerosols, But Also The Flex Hose Can Be Used To Treat Hard To Reach Areas That Are Inaccessible By Conventional Methods.
  • Control Of Gnats, Flies, And Other Flying Insects Can Be Accomplished In Garbage Landfill Sites. Normal Practice Would Call For The Garbage To Be Covered At The End Of Each Day, But It Is Not Always Practical Or Productive To Cover The Face Of The Tipping Area. In This Case, This Fresh, Exposed Garbage Should Be Fogged Using The Prevailing Air Currents To Carry The Fog Across The Garbage. A Deodorizing Chemical Formulation Can Be Successfully Applied In This Way.
  • Keeping The Surface In Question Damp Can Reduce The Release Of Dust From Dry Surfaces. ULV Machines With A Float Tank Can Achieve This With A Minimum Of Disruption In Working Areas, Which Will Help To Protect Personnel From Harmful Dust Created – For Instance, When Asbestos Is Being Removed.
  • Inert Thermal Fogs Can Be Used To Fill Sewage Systems With A Suitable Fog To Check Existing Systems Where Foul Water Sewage Is Required To Be Kept Separate From Rainwater Run-Off, As Well As Test New Systems. In A Correctly Installed System, The Fog Will Not Enter The Premises Because Of The Water Traps At The Faucets, Sinks, And Other Openings, But Unacceptable Connections Will Be Detected Very Easily.
  • Thermal Fog And ULV Applications Can Be Applied To Sewers To Control Disease-Vectoring Insects (Such As Cockroaches) By Using A Suitable Insecticide Like Natural Pyrethrum.
  • Thermal Fog And ULV Can Be Used For Applying Bird Repellants Around Landfills And Airports, As Well As Into Trees.
Thermal Fog Is Used For Creating Special Effects In The Entertainment And Other Industries. A Special Effects Fluid Is Available For Use In The Machines And Is Available In Three Grades: Light, Normal, And Heavy. The Heavy Grade Is Recommended For Use In Firefighter Training Programs.