All Dyna-Fog Units Utilize The Advantages Of Small Droplet Technology To The Farmer And The Farming Industry, Allowing The Best Results To Be Attained From A Number Of Chemical Formulations.


To Disinfect Empty Silos And Grain Stores Before Storing Newly Harvested Grain, It’s Critical To Carefully Clean All Surfaces Prior To Treatment. This Ensures That Insects Are Not Protected From The Spray Being Applied By Layers Of Dust Or Debris. A Thermal Fog Will Completely Enter All Parts Of The Structure, But Where There Are Somewhat Deep Cracks And Crevices (In Wood Or Brick), The Use Of A Formulation, Which Also Has A Residual Effect, Should Be Put On With A ULV Unit Such As The Dyna-Fog® TORNADO™, Dyna-Fog® HURRICANE™, Dyna-Fog® MISTER III™Vector Fog™ Model H200SF, Or Dyna-Fog® TWISTER XL™, To Give A Higher Level Of Control.


Control Of Flying Insects Around Farms, Particularly Inside Animal Buildings Can Be Accomplished With A Dense Cloud Of Small Droplets From A Dyna-Fog® GOLDEN EAGLE™ Or Dyna-Fog® SUPERHAWK™XP. Where Immediate Control As Well As A Residual Deposit Is Also Essential, The Dyna-Fog® MISTER III™Vector Fog™ Model H200SF, Dyna-Fog® HURRICANE™, Dyna-Fog® ATV-1 Cold Foggers, Dyna-Fog® TYPHOON I™, Or Mini-Pro™ 8HP Will Deliver Slightly Larger Droplets That Will Provide A Thorough Killing Of Flying Insects, But, In Addition, Will Also Be Produced In Sufficient Quantities To Leave A Residual Deposit On Walls And Other Structure Surfaces. The Dyna-Fog® BLACKHAWK™ And GOLDEN EAGLE™ Have Been Shown To Be An Ideal Way Of Applying Bird Repellents, Such As ReJeX-IT®, To Animal Feedlots.

Inoculation Of Poultry With Vaccines And Some Antibiotics: Many Antibiotics And Vaccines Need To Be Applied To Various Types Of Poultry At Very Specific Droplet Sizes. One Prerequisite To The Selection Of Suitable Applicators Is If The Unit Is Able To Deliver Droplets Of A Pre-Selected Size With Few Or None Of The Droplets Outside Of The Specified Range. The Dyna-Fog® TWISTER XL™, Dyna-Fog® CYCLONE™, Dyna-Fog® HURRICANE™, And Dyna-Fog® ATV-1 Cold Foggers Are Perfect For This Use As Well As A Simple And Convenient Method Of Application On Birds Such As Turkeys, Breeders Or Broilers That Are Loose On The Floor, And Can Also Be Used For Caged Birds In Small Numbers.


An Appropriate Disinfectant Should Be Applied To The Structure Before Housing A New Flock Of Poultry Or Young Animals To Avoid Any Possible Build Up Of Disease. Optimum Results Will Be Attained When The Structure Is Thoroughly Washed Down And Cleaned To Remove Debris And Dirt Prior To Treatment. Many Disinfectants Are Effective When Applied With Droplets Of 50 To 80 Microns In Size, So That They Not Only Leave A Residual Deposit, But Also That There Is Some Moisture Present Long Enough To Ensure Activity Against The Bacteria Being Targeted. Thermal ULV Machines Are Perfect For This Use, And The Vector Fog™ Model H200SF Or Dyna-Fog® MISTER III™ Can Be Used At The Doorway Of The Structure. On The Other Hand, A Dyna-Jet® L30 Or Dyna-Fog® TYPHOON I™ (Fitted With A Diaphragm Pump For High Output) Can Be Driven Through The Structure On A Truck Or Cart. For Small Structures And Buildings (Such As Hatcheries), The Dyna-Fog® TORNADO™ Is A Perfectly Sized Unit. Another Novel Idea In Application Is The Dyna-Fog® NIGHTSTAR®, Where The Unit Can Treat An Entire House From A Single Location Without An Operator Even Being Present. A Wide Range Of Droplet Sizes For Particular Applications Can Be Made And Structures (Such As Houses) Up To 60,000 Square Feet (6,000 Square Meters) May Be Treated. Where Regular Treatments Are Routinely Done, A Dyna-Fog® NIGHTSTAR® Can Be Permanently Installed From A Ceiling Of The Structure.


Dyna-Fog® Thermal Foggers Can Be Effectively Used For A Wide Variety Of Tree Crops, Where The Leaves Form A "Closed" Canopy. The Advantage Of A Thermal Fog Is That It Will Carry The Chemical Being Used Up To This Canopy, Which Is Often At A Considerable Height (With Corresponding Hard-To-Reach Surfaces). The Canopy Will Then Hold On To The Thermal Fog Until It Has Settled Onto The Leaf. Two Crops Commonly Treated Are Oil Palm And Rubber, But Coconuts And Cocoa Can Also Be Treated. Thermal Fogging Is Commonly Used For Applying Fungicides, But Can Also Be Used For Applying Insecticides. With Rubber, The Two Principal Diseases Are Phytophasu And Odium. To Ensure That The Chemical Is Carried Up To The Canopy, It Is Necessary That The Chemical Be Formulated In Suitable Oil, With Treatment Ideally Done Early In The Morning (When Prevailing Winds Are At Their Weakest And The Thermal Upcurrents Are At Their Strongest). Handheld Models Such As The Dyna-Fog® SUPERHAWK™XP And GOLDEN EAGLE™ Can Be Used When The Terrain Is Inaccessible To Vehicles, But When The Terrain Does Allow Vehicle Use, The Dyna-Fog® 1200 Is The Model Of Choice.