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BlackHawk Model 2620

BlackHawk Model 2620

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The Blackhawk has been developed for a wide range of jobs with highest efficiency for handling and dispersing petroleum-based products.

The Blackhawk is capable of spreading germicides, deodorizers, disinfectants, and insecticides for indoor applications in warehouses and greenhouses, as well as for outdoor pest control such as in gardens, golf courses, and parks.

The Blackhawk's innovative, straightforward design will deliver years of reliable, rugged performance and also reduces unit maintenance. Other Blackhawkfeatures include up to 18 gallons per hour capacity, easy maintenance, ruggedized construction, and the ICC Fogger patented electric starting system, which assures greater reliability, fuel efficiency, ease of operation and effectiveness. The Blackhawk is also outfitted with a simple to clean stainless steel formulation filter that keeps the unit free of potentially harmful residue and dirt.

The Blackhawk portable aerosol applicator from Curtis has it all and only Industrial Chemical Cleaner has Dyna-Fog.

There are three different battery supplies to start your machine:

  • Any 12 volt DC motor vehicle battery (connect to power outlet or cigarette lighter receptacle using the auxiliary start battery cable supplied with machine), or
  • Eight "D" size alkaline batteries (mounted inside the machine) or
  • Optional extra: A rechargeable/portable high-energy 12 volt DC battery and charger.
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