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H400SF Trolly Mounted Fogger

H400SF Trolly Mounted Fogger

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Perfect in locations where access to vehicles is limited, the H400SF Trolly Mounted Thermal Fogger can be used for long periods at a time, without the need to refill, thanks to its large 23-liter (6 gallons) high-grade stainless steel solution tank. This makes it ideal for applying pesticides, disinfectants, herbicides, fungicides and odor neutralizers in medium to large-sized locations.


  • 30 Liters (8 Gal) Tank Capacity
  • 2 Liters (0.8 Gal) Fuel Capacity
  • 3 LPHFuel Consumption
  • 80 LPH Oil (50 LPH Water) Flow Rate
  • 30 microns Droplet Size
  • PetrolFuel
  • 38 kg(84 lbs) Net Weight
  • 165 x110 x 58 cm (65 x 43 x 23 in) Dimensions


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